Newsletter December 2021


Washington Elementary School

December 2021



Upcoming Events


December 1st - Kiwanis Magic Show

December 1st - PTO Meeting

December 8th - Early Release

December 9th - Holiday Concert

December 16th - 22nd - Holiday Dress Up Week!

December 23rd - January 2nd - Winter Break!



Safety Sign, Remember Your Mask!, Each - CP Lab Safety

Students will need to make sure their face covering is on before entering the building in the morning with their teacher. Students and staff are able to take their masks off while eating and outside for recess, mask breaks, or learning outdoors.  PLEASE BE SURE YOU ARE SENDING A MASK WITH YOUR STUDENT EVERY DAY. 



BRRRRRRR...It's Cold Outside!

With the weather being much cooler please make sure your child(ren) is dressed appropriately for school. Our district's guidelines are as follows:

  • Below 50 degrees-coat required
  • Between 50-60 degrees-Long sleeves needed
  • 61 degrees and over -students choice (shorts are allowed)


  • Boots, Snowpants and winter jackets are required to play on the snow.
  • Also remember hats, gloves and scarves for extra warmth.
  • Recesses will be outdoors unless the temperature is below 10 degrees or the wind chill is below zero.

Please let the office know if you need assistance with any winter clothing!




What: Washington Winter Program

When: December 9th

Time: 6pm

Where: Alberta Kimball

At this time - Masks will be REQUIRED. The district will be revisiting our mask policy after December 3rd. If something changes, communication will be sent out. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Please see letter below for more information!


Henrico Community Band Holiday Concert


River Bluff PTA - *Save The Dates* River Bluff Dress Up Days – December  17-21 Monday, 12/17 – Holiday Sweater Tuesday, 12/18 – PJ Day  Wednesday,12/19 – Candy Cane Day (wear red

Thursday December 16th

Candy Cane Day!

Wear red and white or stripes!

Friday December 17th

Let It Snow!

Wear white, blue, snowflakes, or snowmen!

Monday December 20th

Polar Express Day!

Wear your jammies to school!

Tuesday December 21st

Holiday Headwear!

Wear Santa Hats, Elf Ears, Reindeer Ears, or any Christmas Hair Accessories! 

Wednesday December 22nd

Deck The Halls!

Wear any holiday attire and accessories from head to toe!



December Menu


A Note from our School Counselor...

Hello families, 

During the last month I have had many requests from students to eat lunch with me. I have decided to allow each student that is interested to eat lunch with me at least once during the school year. If the student chooses, I am allowing them to bring several friends to eat with us as well. If your student would like to eat lunch with me, they can let me know when they see me in the school or write a note to drop in my mailbox. I look forward to getting to know all of your students better!

Thank you! 

Ms. Grogan



A Note from Mrs. Kese...

Help Boost Kids’ Safety, Privacy, and Security

When kids start to go online, whether they're playing multiplayer games, using educational apps, or just following their curiosity on Google, it's important that they understand the basics of online privacy and safety. With some general guidelines around what information is and isn't OK to share, and some help from parents when they're unsure, kids can have fun and learn a lot in the digital world.

Check out these 5 tips:

  • Discuss personal vs. private info. Talk about the difference between what's OK to share online (favorite color) and what's not (home address).

  •  Use privacy settings. Together, go through the settings on all new apps to make sure you both know what information your kids are sharing. Especially in the beginning, it's better to share very little. 

  • Avoid location tracking. Location-aware apps can be super helpful. But apps that use a device's location to help people find your kid or offer them ads for nearby businesses should be used with caution. Turn them off if you can.

  •  Power up passwords. Work together with kids to help them come up with complex passwords. Think outside the dictionary. Use phrases and special characters that make passwords hard to guess but easy to remember. Remind kids to keep passwords private and change them regularly. 

  • Skip quizzes. Help kids identify and avoid clickbait, quizzes, special offers, and anything that asks for personal or private information. This helps keep information secure and devices safe.

K–5 family tips: Privacy & Security. Common Sense Education. (2021, January 5). Retrieved November 30, 2021, from 



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