Newsletter January 2022


Washington Elementary School

January 2022



Upcoming Events


January 3rd - Welcome Back From Break!

January 6th - PTO Meeting

January 12th - Early Release

January 17th - No School

January 19th - Kindergarten and 5th Grade to WI Herd Game

January 20th - In Person Conferences 

January 25th - Virtual Conferences



Safety Sign, Remember Your Mask!, Each - CP Lab Safety

Students will need to make sure their face covering is on before entering the building in the morning with their teacher. Students and staff are able to take their masks off while eating and outside for recess, mask breaks, or learning outdoors.  PLEASE BE SURE YOU ARE SENDING A MASK WITH YOUR STUDENT EVERY DAY. 


Overview / Yearbook Club

This year ordering of the yearbook will be online only. Please follow the link below to get yours for this year! The link will close on March 7th!

Washington Elementary Yearbook 2021-2022




BRRRRRRR...It's Cold Outside!

With the weather being much cooler please make sure your child(ren) is dressed appropriately for school. Our district's guidelines are as follows:

  • Below 50 degrees-coat required
  • Between 50-60 degrees-Long sleeves needed
  • 61 degrees and over -students choice (shorts are allowed)


  • Boots, Snowpants and winter jackets are required to play on the snow.
  • Also remember hats, gloves and scarves for extra warmth.
  • Recesses will be outdoors unless the temperature is below 10 degrees or the wind chill is below zero.

Please let the office know if you need assistance with any winter clothing!



January Lunch Menu


ONHS Baseball


A Note from Mrs. Kese...

Help Kids Make Friends and Interact Safely Online

This month's digital citizenship topics are relationships and communication. Soon after kids start reading and writing, they often begin interacting with others online. Whether they're chatting within games or texting family members, kids need the skills to interact respectfully. These skills will help kids -- and the people they're communicating with -- have positive experiences online.

Check out these 4 tips:

  1. Give them the right words.

Kids learn about appropriate verbal and physical communication from watching you. But online conversations can be invisible. Occasionally, narrate as you're writing texts or social media comments when your kids are in earshot.

  1. Play a game of telephone.

Discuss how a message can change depending on the person delivering it or the delivery method. Read a question like "What are you doing?" with different tones of voice. Talk about how emoji and punctuation can help communicate tone and emotions.

  1. Help kids navigate online friendships.

In the beginning, you might limit all communication with strangers online. As kids get older, you can monitor any online chatting. And once they're more independent, you can discuss which methods of communication are appropriate as well as which types of information to keep private from online-only friends.

  1. Develop their instincts.

Help kids trust their guts so they can exit iffy or inappropriate online conversations. Discuss different scenarios and ask how they would feel and what they would do.

“K–5 Family Tips: Relationships & Communication.” Common Sense Education, 5 Jan. 2021,



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