Newsletter October 2021


Washington Elementary School

October 2021




What: Holiday Concert

When: December 9th

Time: 6pm

Where: Alberta Kimball

Henrico Community Band Holiday Concert



Upcoming Events


October 8th - Dental Bus

October 13th - Early Release

October 22nd - No School

October 28th - Student Showcase Night

October 29th - Picture Retake Day


Safety Sign, Remember Your Mask!, Each - CP Lab Safety

The district face mask requirements have been extended through November 5th, 2021. Students will need to make sure their face covering is on before entering the building in the morning with their teacher. Students and staff are able to take their masks off while eating and outside for recess, mask breaks, or learning outdoors.  PLEASE BE SURE YOU ARE SENDING A MASK WITH YOUR STUDENT EVERY DAY. 



Join Us For Our Student Showcase Night!



The Book Fair Is Coming!!!


Scholastic Book Fair - Swampscott Middle School


When you and your families come to our Student Showcase Night, you will also be able to shop the BOOK FAIR from 5pm-7:15pm!! 


October Menu


We Are Hiring!


A Note from Mrs. Kese...

Digital Footprints 

This month’s digital citizenship topic is about learning to create and maintain one’s Digital Footprint & Identity. Our digital footprint, or online presence, has long-lasting implications, and it is important for children to realize that digital footprints are often public and potentially accessible by anyone. You can help your child(ren) learn how they can contribute to a positive digital reputation, both for themselves and for others. As soon as you share the first photo of your child, you're establishing their digital footprint. As kids get older and start creating their own content or engaging with others online, it's important for them to understand the tracks they're leaving behind and what those tracks might reveal. Parents can help guide kids toward creating the kind of footprint they can be proud of. 

Grades K-5 Family Tips 

  • Be a role model. - Before you post a photo of your child on social media, ask if it's OK to share. Not only will you give them control over their own digital footprint, you'll also be showing them what you expect them to do with others' photos.  

  • Use Privacy Settings - Together, go through all the settings on new apps to make sure you both know what information your kids are sharing. Especially in the beginning, it's better to share very little. 



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