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January 2023



Upcoming Events

January 5th - PTO Meeting

January 10th and 11th - 3rd Grade to Oshkosh Museum

January 16th - No School for Students

January 19th - Winter Conferences

January 24th - Winter Conferences

January 28th - Herd Family Night!





What: Washington Herd Family Night

When: Saturday, January 28th @ 7pm

How: See Flyer Below to Order Tickets!


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Washington Wear!

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Fourfold Vinyl and Boutique




Winter Parent- Teacher Conferences!

When: From 3:30pm-6:00pm on Thursday January 19th OR Tuesday January 24th

Where: Washington Elementary classrooms or virtual options can be made available

How long: 15 minutes for each student

Why: You play a critical role in the success of our students. We want to celebrate your child's success, share updated data, and discuss the ways in which we will help to move your student forward!

How do I sign up: a form will be sent home for you to select best options for your family. Please return the bottom half as soon as possible. Your child's teacher will send home a confirmation of your time and date! 



Exciting Musical News!

Hello students, parents, and guardians of Washington Elementary,

My name is Megan Flood, and I will be your student’s new music teacher! I am looking forward
to getting to know your child this spring. I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin
Oshkosh with a degree in Music Education, and love to work with students in nurturing their
love of music. I look forward to working with you in providing the support needed to help your
student grow musically!

I am truly excited to meet your student and want to take this time to celebrate not only the hard
work your child will put into the next semester in music class, but also the skills that they will
develop through their experiences in learning music. The lifelong benefits your child will obtain
through music expand beyond the classroom and are transferable to every other academic

I also wanted to let you know about how you can get involved in your child’s musical journey
this year. You can support your child’s music education at home by asking them to talk with you
about what they have learned in class. Putting musical concepts into their own words and having
to teach them will help solidify our new concepts!

Again, I am so excited to join the Washington Elementary family and I look forward to meeting
you! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
Go Dragons!

Musically yours,

Megan Flood



Attendance Reminders: 

  • Students are only allowed to miss part or all of 10 school days for any reason the entire year.  This includes illness, vacation, weddings, funerals, etc. If a student is more than 10 minutes late without a valid excuse, this will count as a half day unexcused absence. If a student is less than 10 minutes late, it will count as a tardy. To avoid a late unexcused absence, please have your student to school on time. The school day starts at 7:45am.



Washington Family Herd Night!


A Note from Mrs. Kese...

Help Kids Make Friends and Interact Safely Online

This month's digital citizenship topics are relationships and communication. Soon after kids start reading and writing, they often begin interacting with others online. Whether they're chatting within games or texting family members, kids need the skills to interact respectfully. These skills will help kids -- and the people they're communicating with -- have positive experiences online.

Check out these 4 tips:

  1. Give them the right words.

Kids learn about appropriate verbal and physical communication from watching you. But online conversations can be invisible. Occasionally, narrate as you're writing texts or social media comments when your kids are in earshot.

  1. Play a game of telephone.

Discuss how a message can change depending on the person delivering it or the delivery method. Read a question like "What are you doing?" with different tones of voice. Talk about how emoji and punctuation can help communicate tone and emotions.

  1. Help kids navigate online friendships.

In the beginning, you might limit all communication with strangers online. As kids get older, you can monitor any online chatting. And once they're more independent, you can discuss which methods of communication are appropriate as well as which types of information to keep private from online-only friends.

  1. Develop their instincts.

Help kids trust their guts so they can exit iffy or inappropriate online conversations. Discuss different scenarios and ask how they would feel and what they would do.

“K–5 Family Tips: Relationships & Communication.” Common Sense Education, 5 Jan. 2021, 



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